The best Restaurants in Madrid

  •  La Capilla de la Bolsa 

La Capilla de la Bolsa can accommodate a total of 200 people dining, in 6 areas distributed in 3 floors. The best room hosts up to 90 guests. The architecture of the space, especially the Baroque vaulted ceiling and original columns have been preserved to enjoy hundreds of years of art. The restaurant is located downtown, behind the Puerta de Sol.

It offers traditional yet contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and establishing two main priorities: to ensure the quality of the raw ingredients and never to hide their true flavours. The desserts are all homemade.

Calle de la Bolsa, 12  Telephone, 915 21 86 23

  •  Teatriz 

The restauant is located in Calle de Hermosilla, next Calle de Goya and El Paseo de la Castellana. It’s Philippe Starck first project in Spain, giving an absolutely innovative atmosphere. The international designer, Javier Mariscal, created their image and Arnold Chan was responsible for the lightning. They fused the world of cuisine and the world of design. Menues combine international cuisine with the best seasonal products and most valued origin denominations.

Calle d eHermosillo, 15 – Telephone, 915 77 53 79

  •  Boggo 

Boggo is located in Calle de Velázquez, next Paseo de la Castellana, in the shopping area of the center of Madrid.

The concept of Boggo Velázquez, international-mediterranean cuisine restaurant, was presented as a new type of local, combining two different services in two different levels respectively making so a differentiation point with a space combining the traditional restaurant model with menu and table service, and the dinamism of a cocktail bar.

Gastronomically, Boggo offers a creative cuisine masterfully combined with ingredients and flavors, which highlights sweet and spicy contrasts. To complement the food, the restaurant has a select wine cellar which includes many author wines, some impressive debuts, great classics and highly sought references of small producers.

Ideal for groups up to 150 people.

Calle de Velazquez, 102 – Telephone, 917 81 10 38

  • Ramses 

A cosmopolitan and innovative gastronomic space, is a project that born under the watchful eye of the Puerta de Alcalá. With design and decoration of Philippe Starck and three floors with its own name, it conduce us to a magical, cosmopolitan and sophisticated place.

Ramses have 6 areas:  La Terraza, Champagne Bar, Petit, Bistro, Dom Perignom Room and Club.

The place combines a design restaurant and a cocktail-bar after the dinner, to enjoy one of the most fashion ambiances of Madrid.

Ideal for groups seated up to 130 people 1 one floor, or 250 in several spaces and floors.

Plaza Independencia, 4 – 914 35 16 66

  •  Loft 39 

Located in the shopping area of the center of Madrid, its Mediterranean style cuisine combines perfectly with an elegant lounge bar.

It’s one of the renovated classic restaurants and bars of the city, distinguished for its extremely nice service and quality of the menus.

Ideal for groups up to 150 people.

Calle de Velázquez, 39 –  Telephone 914 32 43 86

  • Larios Café

Larios Café has the National Architecture Award 2000. Is an example of the best design and good taste. It’s a space of 800 square meters on two floors. They offer the best international gastronomy in the restaurant, and nights more fun of the capital in the disco. His long experience supports them as one of the places with major success of Madrid.

The restaurant is situated in Calle Silva, next Callao Station, donstown Madrid.

Ideal for combining dinner and after dinner drinks, music and dance.

Calle Silva, 4 – Telephone 915 47 93 94

  • 40 Café

This restaurant belongs to the most popular pop music radio in Spain “los 40 principales”

It’s very modern, and the best of it is that you can brand/personalize the entire entrance and venue as they have LEDS walls and stairs, all of them at your disposal at no extra cost.

They can fit the 150 pax in a main room, just for you, all together. The room has a stage, tv screens to project your logo or videos, audio system and even a DJ cabin for a live performance. Dinner is very casual but funny, and menus for events starts up 40€+vat, including beverages. Open bar is also available and you can stay at the venue for drinks after dinner

Calle de la Gran Via, 55 – Telephone 917 58 77 76

  • Realcafé Bernabeu 

Realcafé Bernabeu is the restaurant with best views of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. In addition, you will live the experience of visiting the most visited place of Madrid and one of the best soccer fields of the world. Located in the Paseo de la Castellana and very well communicated.

It offers an International and Spanish cuisine with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Ideal for groups up to 150 people seated.

Avenida de la Concha Espina, 1 – Telephone 914 58 36 67

  •   La Barraca 

The slogan of La Barraca is: The best rice and paellas in the capital in a typical Spanish setting, very comfortable and charming.

The restaurant was founded over 75 years ago. With specialties from Valencia and various other regions, they use the finest locally sourced ingredients to create no less than14 different ways to eat rice. Mild or spicy, with seafood or vegetables, dry or “watery”, all are exquisite. Their wine cellar is also excellent and combines perfectly with the menus.

Located in Reina Street, next to Gran Via metro station and Banco de España, it’s ideal for up to 80 people seated.

Calle de la Reina, 29 – Telephone 915 32 71 54

  •  La Posada de la Villa 

In 1980 the old inn was rescued, after two years of restoration from the ruins. La Posada de la Villa has been visited by celebrities from the world of politics, culture, art and sport, as well as the most distinguished public of all the regions of Spain. The names of the people who could enjoy with the excellent food of this inn are written on its chairs.

La Posada de la Villa has been awarded in many times: the International Grand Collar Gourmet, the Chaïne des Rotisseurs, etc. This restaurant is included in the distinguished Michelin Guide.

It offers a carefully prepared cuisine with dishes from Spain cuisine, specialy the Roast Lamb in a wood-fired oven.

The restaurant has three floors with capacity for up to 300 people. The interior decoration is elegant, with the charm of an old inn of the Old Madrid form the Austrias.

Calle Cava Baja – Telephone 913 66 18 60

  •   Restaurante Sobrino de Botín 

Restaurante Botín, founded in 1725, is the world’s oldest restaurant according to the Guinness Book of Records, and is a benchmark in traditional cuisine in Madrid.  Its specialties are delicious suckling pig and lamb roasted in the old Castillan way, in a wood fired oven dating back to 1725. In addition, perhaps you should know that the restaurant appears on famous novels and has been of inspiration for writers such as Lope de Vega, Ernest Hemingway or Benito Pérez Galdós.

The restaurant is located next the famous and central Plaza Mayor of Madrid. Ideal for groups up to 150 people in different rooms.

Calle de los Cuchilleros, 17 –  Telephone 913 66 42 17

  •  Fortuny 

Fortuny is a musical restaurant in Madrid, located in the famous street of Fortuny. ¿You want a cosmopolitan, modern, elegant and chic restaurant? ¡This is your choice! Decorated by the prestigious interior designer Pascua Ortega, the Fortuny restaurant is, for their own reasons, an essential part of your election. Chef’s suggestion is to book with time or you don’t have a table. ¡It’s always full because everyone wants to go!

We suggest choosing a varied and creative option by Chef Raúl López Pérez. A letter authored Mediterranean influence where you will taste products of exceptional quality. Make your perfect dinner choosing from their select wine cellar and abroad. You have to try their own pastry… ¡are delicious! But dinner does not end with desserts … The funny twist at the end of the meal, puts the best jazz & fun lounge music selected by the DJ’s best “warm up” for the nights in Madrid. Make nights much better enjoying the cool atmosphere in Fortuny Palace.

 Calle de Fortuny, 34 – Telephone 913 19 05 88

  •  Corral Moreria 

¿Have you ever seen a Flamenco Show? ¡In this place you can see the most famous Flamenco Tablao of the world!  A great spectacle in the cathedral of flamenco, considered the most famous and ancient tablao world. Every night you can see first national figures, art, magic, colorful, beauty, strength, warmth, joy, purity … flamenco. A spectacle that you may recall for a long time.

As you see the spectacle you can enjoy a magnificent dinner. They have a traditional gastronomy of quality from Spain. It’s always satisfying all culinary tastes. His dishes are based on good raw materials and a touch of distinction.

The restaurant is in the book “1.000 places to see before you die” and in Guia Michelin 2012.

The restaurant is located in full historical center of Madrid; in Madrid of the Austria, next to the Cathedral de la Almudena.

Calle Morería, 17 – Teléfono 913 65 11 37
  • Café Chinitas 

A Flemish Tablao Restaurant in the City centre located in an old and beautiful palace of the seventeenth century, the number 7 Torija Street, almost opposite the building of the Senate. Designed by the great painter Manuel Mampaso, the renowned designer and architect Pinto Cohelo Luis Carruncho, the location is a perfect lighting that is reflected in the facade of the building. A select and super cuisine and efficient service. Since their inception, Café Chinitas is credit as the best of the genre, because of its scenery and famous for the colorful shawls Manila has long passed a constellation of stars of flamenco.

The Café de Chinitas kitchen combines the taste so alongside the traditional dishes of the most exquisite cuisine. Their fresh fish of the day are selected at the source of the best domestic stock. Their top quality meat will make its selection is complicated. They also have an extensive wine list that will enhance the flavor of our dishes, they recommend you leave it is best suited to each dish.

The restaurant is located next Gran Via Street and Callao station metro.

Calle de Torija, 7 – Teléfono:915 47 15 02
  • Faena

Faena Madrid is a unique space that includes Spanish restaurant, flamenco and tango show and state-of-the-art disco that recreates the scent of most suggestive dances, the strength of flamenco, the passion of tango, and the fusion of most attractive rhythms. They all are present at the stage that you can enjoy while having a typical Spanish diner that creates a seamless synergy of attraction and passion. Evoquing a vanguardist Cabaret with warm woods, blue velvets, selected marbles, and every detail is carefully designed and define a new multiple space that can host the most exclusive events in Madrid. Together with the most innovate design and vanguardistic decoration they add the latest technologies in domotic, multimedia, closed circuit of large screens, lighting with programmable LEDs,ETC. Show is about to begin!

In Faena Madrid, gastronomy is another key star of their show. Traditional Spanish roots are re-expressed by the modification and update of their well recognized tastes.

The restaurant is situated in the center of Madrid, in Atocha Street, near Atocha Station.

Atocha, 125 – Teléfono 902 10 46 74
  •  Lay Down

Madrid is a late-night town, so what better way to prove it than visiting LayDown. Madrid’s hip new “rest club” serves any meal on stylish white sofa beds instead of regular ‘ole tables.

So kick off your shoes and relax to a must in the city who will offer all kinds of shows, music and entertainment. They can host  from company events to birthay parties, all with a vanguardist touch.

Up to 140 seaten and 350 standing.

Give it a try, you will repeat!

Plaza de los Mostenses, 9 – Teléfono 915 48 79 37

  •  La Chulapa de Alcalá 

La Chulapa de Alcalá it’s a multifunctional and international charming restaurant, and a modern decoration. Located in one of the main streets of Madrid, in the center, it offers Mediterranean cuisine with tapas. It’s a place where you can enjoy all kinds of products of prime qualities, made all with creativity. Don’t miss the spectacular outdoor terrace overlooking the Cibeles and Puerta de Alcalá! Ideal for groups up to 112 people.

Calle Alcala, 35 – Teléfono 915 23 25 70

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